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About Seaber

Seaber is an independent platform provider that supports direct communication between ship owners, charterers and other stakeholders to significantly improve operational efficiency. Seaber is purpose-built for the shipping industry.

Seaber radically streamlines workflows, enabling you to communicate more effectively and make more informed decisions faster. We integrate data from multiple sources and provide an innovative, efficient and secure way to share information internally and externally.

Seaber also links digital operations with financing. Together with our partners, we offer finance-on-demand, reducing cashflow risk and speeding up payments after cargo is delivered.

Founded in 2018, the Seaber team is rooted in the shipping community, with experience in marine software development, business development, chartering and commercial shipping.

With a background in maritime, we understand that digital technology needs to do more than streamline operations – it needs to join the dots between data and business needs to create new opportunities and minimize risks.

Sebastian Sjöberg


Sebastian has over 15 years of experience from working with software business development within the maritime industry. His passion is creating solutions together with the industry to improve efficiency and add tangible value to the commercial operation of the customers.

Mikael Sand


Mikael has over 15 years experience in full-stack software development. His passion is developing solutions using the latest technology, to solve critical problems of our age.

Sami Keinänen

Senior Full Stack Developer

The Seaber family is growing steadily to serve our clients better. Our product for optimized planning and efficient communications for shipowners and charterers in bulk shipping is ready to digitalize the market. Adding new features to our platform, our development team is working hard to deliver a usable and valuable product to our users. To achieve this the team has a new member since October 2019.

Sami Keinänen is a Senior Full Stack Developer with +5 years of experience in software development. His background is from the healthcare industry in an international environment, with a vast experience in server infrastructure, and is eager to solve customers’ challenges. He assures that the cloud-based Seaber Service is available in all possible conditions.

Sami is a passionate music lover, with a soft spot for a wide range of genres, and plays several instruments. He is also keen on developing all things electronic (he is an electrician), and has, for example, configured his remote doorbell indicator to play “You Suffer” - a song by the death metal band Napalm Death.

Sami can be contacted via email at [email protected] We warmly welcome Sami to the team and are already impressed by his accomplishments.

Joonas Korhonen

Senior Frontend Developer

Next up in our team news, we proudly present to you Joonas, our Senior Frontend Developer. He develops the Seaber user interfaces in close collaboration with our designer. He has been with Seaber since December 2019.

Joonas’s roots are in technology, but for the past five years, he has worked in the intersection of design and development with all kinds of organisations from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. His strengths lie in utilising both cutting edge technologies and design methods to solve business-critical problems and craft stellar user experiences.

When Joonas is not coding or playing with his kids he enjoys riding and fixing bicycles as well as spending time outdoors. He loves learning and trying out new stuff and has had countless of hobbies ranging from various sports to film photography and playing all kinds of musical instruments. You can also often find him binge-reading Wikipedia late at night.

We welcome Joonas to our growing team and are excited to work with him! You can contact him by email at: [email protected]

Arto Viitanen

Product Designer

We are continuing our team introductions, and this time it’s Arto’s turn. Arto Viitanen, our skilled Product Designer has been with us already since 2018. His expertise in UI/UX design is valuable to Seaber as he has been building up the Seaber UI from day 1.

Arto’s experience includes for example being the head of design for the fastest-growing designer company based in Silicon Valley, and working for several tech startups as a freelancer in Berlin and Helsinki. The past 6 years he has basically helped tech-startups create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Arto’s hobbies include, for example, mountain biking and making his own electronic music. He has been dreaming of a He-Man style fringe haircut for years, but so far this has been vetoed by his wife.

We are thrilled to be working with Arto and are looking forward to the great ideas and designs he brings to the team. You can reach him at [email protected]

Charles Leerink

Service Delivery Manager

Meet Charles, our newest addition to the team. He works for Seaber as Service Delivery Manager since December 2019.

He will be taking on the duties of running our customer support efforts, making sure our customers get what they need. Charles is in charge of all the aspects of customer related operations except for sales.

Charles has worked in various customer related positions for an American company that makes sound systems. He spent a few years at a Norwegian company in data management for the Oil and Gas industry as Technical Account Manager & Service Delivery. Before joining Seaber he worked at a Finnish IoT startup setting up and running customer support.

He once bought an old Landrover, stripped it all down and built it up again to learn about car mechanics. He is currently renovating a 100yr old apartment in Tampere. He also likes to play rugby when he has the time.

We are thrilled to be working with Charles and welcome him to the team. You can reach him at [email protected]

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