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Meet Our VP of Product, Arto

Meet Our VP of Product, Arto

Arto Viitanen - VP Product

We are continuing our team introductions, and this time it’s Arto’s turn. Arto Viitanen, our skilled Product Designer has been with us already since 2018. His expertise in UI/UX design is valuable to Seaber as he has been building up the Seaber UI from day 1. He is currently working as VP Product.

Arto’s experience includes for example being the head of design for the fastest-growing designer company based in Silicon Valley, and working for several tech startups as a freelancer in Berlin and Helsinki. The past 6 years he has basically helped tech-startups create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Arto’s hobbies include, for example, mountain biking and making his own electronic music. He has been dreaming of a He-Man style fringe haircut for years, but so far this has been vetoed by his wife.

We are thrilled to be working with Arto and are looking forward to the great ideas and designs he brings to the team. You can reach him at arto@seaber.io.