About Seaber and Our Team

Seaber is a Finnish maritime software company dedicated to reducing inefficiencies, errors, costs and the environmental impact of bulk and break bulk shipping. Our bulk shipping software solution helps charterers and shipowners to plan, communicate, operate and optimise cargo flows and fleet schedules, resulting in improved asset utilisation and profitability, streamlined port calls as well as reduced fuel consumption and emissions. We’re cooperating closely with charterer and shipowner companies to drive the digital transformation of maritime logistics of the entire shipping industry.

Sebastian Sjöberg

CEO & Co-founder

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Mikael Sand

CTO & Co-founder

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Arto Viitanen

VP of Products

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Juuso Alanen

Project Manager / Key Account Manager

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Vasilii Rogin

Team Lead, Software Developer

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Joonas Korhonen

Senior Frontend Developer

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Antero Niemelä

Sales Manager

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George Waller

Software Project Manager

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Toni Jyrkinen

Senior Full Stack Developer

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Marcel Mushik

QA Engineer

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Elisa Hauhia

Marketing Manager

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Samin Yousefnia

Senior Software Developer

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Susanna Hartikainen

Administrative Assistant

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