About Seaber

Up till now, digitalization in bulk shipping has been comparatively slow as far as global supply chains are concerned. Considering the complexity of the processes, the number of siloed stakeholders, and the dynamic nature of the market, this should come as no surprise. It can, however, also open up opportunities. There’s no legacy, which makes it possible to digitalize bulk shipping without too many path dependencies. It’s still a tough nut to crack, but we have been brave enough to try and our customer testimonials prove that we have succeeded. We have mapped the core processes of chartering and scheduling and found fixes for the current suboptimization problems with a unique solution.

Our mission

Our mission is to help shipowners and cargo owners achieve greater operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of shipping through digitalization, better processes, and purpose-built tools. 

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  • Finnish maritime software company
  • Specialized in optimising tanker & bulk shipping
  • Founded in 2017
  • Personnel: 15
  • Privately owned (independent from the industry)

Reduce the environmental impact

Stand out as a front-runner of lowering emissions from shipping.


Monitor your voyage/trade footprint.


Improve your business & reduce carbon footprint.


Reduce ballast & emission impact


Our philosophy

So far attempts to solve fleet optimization problems have involved a black box algorithm of some sort. We believe this approach does not provide actionable insight. Building a system that can consider absolutely all the hard and soft constraints involved is simply too difficult. Our approach is to leverage the expertise of users through a sophisticated manual planning tool with a set of planning assistant features. These features address the problem on a granular level, allowing the user to understand and verify each decision. They help identify inefficiencies in the schedule, make the correct chartering and pre-fixture decisions, and find the optimal port rotation and parceling. We aim to keep the user always in charge, ensuring full transparency into what the system is doing at all times. 

Our expertise

Our team consists of experts in computer science and shipping business processes as well as user experience and usability. This combination of talent allows us to tackle the complex problem of hidden inefficiency in bulker and tanker fleet planning and management. Our product has been designed and developed in close collaboration with both shipowners and cargo owners.

Meet our team

Sebastian Sjöberg
CEO & Co-founder
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Mikael Sand
CTO & Co-founder
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Jean-Guy Faubert
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Arto Viitanen
VP of Products
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Juuso Alanen
Project Manager / Key Account Manager
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Vasilii Rogin
Team Lead, Software Developer
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Joonas Korhonen
Senior Frontend Developer
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Antero Niemelä
Sales Manager
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Ramon Lagrand
Onboarding Specialist
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Bach Phung
Software Developer
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George Waller
Software Project Manager
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Toni Jyrkinen
Senior Full Stack Developer
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Marcel Mushik
QA Engineer
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Elisa Hauhia
Marketing Manager
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Samin Yousefnia
Senior Software Developer
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Susanna Hartikainen
Administrative Assistant
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Our Advisors and Board Members

Henrik Dahl
Chairman Of The Board
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Mika Marjalaakso
Co-Founder & Advisor
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Staffan Martin
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Melvin Mathews
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Willem Dijkhuis
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Paavo Kojonen
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We are hiring!

Our distributed team is growing rapidly, and we are constantly looking for new talent to join us to drive the digital transformation of maritime logistics. Send an open application to hiring@seaber.io

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