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Seaber cooperates closely with the shipping industry to digitally transform maritime logistics with an innovative planning and schedule optimisation solution. We are already working with shipowners and cargo owners in several different segments in the tanker and bulker industries.

Client testimonials


  • Shipowner with 20+ chemical tankers
  • Cooperation since 2021
  • Main benefits: maximising fleet TCE, minimising cost & emission per tonmile, maximising asset utilisation rate

“With supply being very tight, optimising our fleet is extremely relevant. Seaber will be a helpful tool to support our scheduling process, save bunkers and most importantly CO2 emissions. We are happy to partner up with Seaber to help us reach our environmental goals.”

Michel Polette, Chartering Manager WCA at Ultratank
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  • Shipowner with 130 bulkers
  • Cooperation since 2020
  • Main benefits: maximising vessel utilisation rate, minimising cost & emission per tonmile, maximising fleet TCE

“Our aim is to move cargo safely, on time, and maximise efficiency and sustainability of European sea transport. We were looking for software solutions that could support our mission and believe that Seaber is the best tool to help us further digitalise our operations. It is important for us to improve collaboration and the service we provide to our customers. This is a pioneer project and we expect to set a new standard for how the entire industry manages scheduling in the future.”

Jostein Bjørgo, Commercial Director
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  • Renewable energy industry, industrial charterer, cargo owner
  • Cooperation since 2020
  • Main benefits: minimising cost & emission per tonmile, maximising vessel utilisation rate, optimising maritime logistics

”Neste's goal is to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. In order to achieve this, we need to find new ways to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. New solutions and partnerships like Seaber are needed to help us optimise maritime logistics, which is one step towards reducing emissions.”

Paavo Kojonen, Shipping Asset & Sustainability Manager
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  • Forest industry, industrial charterer, cargo owner  
  • Cooperation since 2019
  • Main benefits: minimising cost & emission per tonmile, streamlining supply chains, maximising asset utilisation rate,

"After an extensive evaluation of available solutions on the market, we believe that Seaber provides the best tool for us to efficiently handle the planning of shipment schedules and communication with all stakeholders. Together with Seaber’s offering for shipowners, we are able to jointly improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions by optimising port calls and doing our part in avoiding unnecessary repositioning of vessels."

Niklas Fahlen, SVP Logistics
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