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Monitoring & Communication platform

Seaber digitalises monitoring and communication between ship owners, charterers, port agents, brokers and other stakeholders to improve operational efficiency. We link digital optimization to finance-on-demand to reduce cashflow risk and increase profitability.

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Save costs across the board

Unlock new efficiencies, mitigate risks, improve cash flow and focus on what matters.

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For charterers & traders

Seaber delivers improved transparency and effective communication in post-fixture operations, giving you far better visibility and awareness of your cargo.

For shipowners

Seaber streamlines post-fixture communications with customers, suppliers and partners. It provides a real-time overview of your fleet that helps improve fleet utilisation and shoreside efficiencies. Seaber also offers finance-on-demand to speed up payment and reduce cashflow risk.

Post-fixture process

Submission and tracking of RFQs and offers through the Seaber platform. Efficient negotiation process through the Seaber negotiation tool.

Finance on demand

Seaber offers financing based on agreed contracts. Finance-on-demand allows invoices to be paid as soon as a freight contract has been fulfilled, reducing cash flow risk.


Access anywhere, anytime

Access the full Seaber platform easily on any connected device.

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