Revolutionising the way bulk and break bulk shipping is planned and operated

Seaber is a cloud-based real-time planning, optimisation and communication solution for liquid, dry and break bulk cargo & vessels.

Optimal schedule planning with Seaber

There are typically several departments and stakeholders involved in bulk shipping processes. Currently this complexity is managed with emails, spreadsheets & legacy tools. Planning and managing relevant data in this environment is highly challenging, resulting in errors, delays, expenses and low utilisation rates.

We offer a set of tools for optimal schedule planning, operational monitoring and data collection as well as stakeholder communications over the lifecycle of a voyage. We bring together cargo and voyage related requirements, costs and durations into one place with vessel positions, suitability and availability. This results in optimised, yet realistic schedules for cargo deliveries and vessel utilisation, supporting multi-port and multi-parcel voyages and any combination of T/C, COA or spot contracts.

For charterers

Reduce your costs with our shipment planning solution through optimised schedule planning, more transparent operational monitoring, and streamlined internal & external stakeholder communication. Get the most out of your T/C fleet, COA and spot contracts.

Our solution for charterers

For shipowners

Always find the best cargo/vessel fit to achieve maximised fleet utilisation and TCE with our shipowner planning solution. Quickly react to changing situations and instantly share information between chartering, planning and operation departments. Get a clear real-time fleet planning overview with forecasted area balances for an extended planning horizon and insight for finding the best matching market cargo.

Our solution for shipowners

Seaber system overview

Seaber overview diagram
Featured in blog & news
July 6, 2021

Introducing: SAP Integration!

At Seaber we know it is important to have working integrations with partnering technologies and systems our customers already have in use. By investing heavily on API integrations Seaber can simplify application development processes and easily connect and integrate with different applications. Read on to find out more about our most recent integration project with SAP.
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