Chartering and communications platform for bulk cargo shipping

We are digitalising the chartering process for wet & dry bulk sea freight. The Seaber platform covers planning, fixture and post-fixture processes, enabling shipowners, charterers and brokers to improve efficiency and profitability.

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Save costs across the board

Minimise ballast voyages, reduce errors, mitigate risks and help operators and managers to focus on what matters.

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For charterers & traders

Reduce costs through optimised vessel matching and streamlined RFQ and negotiation processes. Benefit from increased transparency in post-fixture phase. Seaber is also used by brokers working on behalf of charterers.

For shipowners

Get a clear real-time fleet overview, receive notifications about optimal cargo matches, facilitate maximal fleet utilisation and streamline post-fixture communications between all stakeholders. Seaber is also used by brokers working on behalf of shipowners.

Cargo matching

Planning and projection of future shipments. Automatic matching of vessels and cargo based on previous discharge port and time, ship suitability for the port and cargo type.

Negotiating and fixture

Submission and tracking of RFQs and offers through the Seaber platform. Efficient negotiation process through the Seaber negotiation tool.

Post-fixture process

Streamlined post-fixture communications between all stakeholders. Real-time vessel location and projected ETA tracking during post-fixture phase.


Access anywhere, anytime

Access the full Seaber platform easily on any connected device.

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