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This is Sebastian

This is Sebastian

Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO & Co-founder

Sebastian is one of the founders of Seaber. Before Seaber Sebastian worked in some of the leading maritime software companies globally. Since 2004 he has worked closely with shipowners, charterers & shipyards to jointly develop software solutions to support their targets in improving vessel and fleet efficiency and fulfilling current and upcoming emission regulations and sustainability targets.

Sebastian’s passion in the maritime industry has always been to improve the overall efficiency of shipping and that is actually the main reason why he founded Seaber. He believes that by providing a system that supports the early stage of planning, users can get the decision support tool that they need to improve the efficiency of the shipping industry.

In addition to running he likes to spend time with the family (wife and four kids!). He loves building things with his own hands, in a way balancing the software world he’s working in. Sebastian is actually a car mechanic by “initial” training and thanks to that he worked as a deckhand on a sailing yacht that eventually led him to study Naval Architecture which in turn introduced him to the maritime software world.

We are happy working with Sebastian in such a forward-looking company, and thank him for coming up with such a great idea. Sebastian can be reached at sebastian@seaber.io.