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Get to know Mikael

Get to know Mikael

Mikael Sand - CTO & Co-founder

We are now introducing the team members that were here first; Mikael Sand, one of the founders, is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and in charge of designing and building the business logic and technical aspects of Seaber.

Mikaels work experience starts from an early age: he has done web development since age twelve and software development since mid-teens, professionally since late-teens. His business industries have ranged from consumer software for private sectors to risk-analytics and natural language processing tools to industrial economy and operations research tools, models and optimisation algorithms. His passion for making simple things beautifully easy, and making complex things effortless to manage, has helped him create advanced interactive vector graphics-based tools, visualisations and user interfaces. 

Mikael is endlessly curious, studying all branches of sciences and arts, especially first principles thinking, languages, the limits of falsifiability, and the foundations of quantum theory, physics, mathematics, information theory and computability logic. He also enjoys contributing to open-source software development and thinking about possible ways to improve our future democracies. He yearns to start a quantum engineering research centre, building thorium-based reactors and renewable energy collector factory-factories. In his spare time, he loves supporting his significant other in musical production operations and the challenges of a modern-day artist.

We are happy to work with Mikael and thankful for him co-founding such a purposeful company. You can reach Mikael at msand@seaber.io.