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Presenting Toni

Presenting Toni

Toni Jyrkinen, Senior Full Stack Developer

The Seaber team has a new member since July 2020; this time we’re proudly introducing Toni Jyrkinen, our skilled Full Stack Software Developer.

Toni develops our web application, his focus being in almost equal parts in frontend, core business logic and backend. He is the one who makes sure the code base is clean and well structured so that further development will be as enjoyable as it is today for years to come. In practice that means he listens to our designer who tells the developers what our priorities are and then does whatever's necessary to make it happen.

Previously Toni was building all kinds of web and mobile applications for different clients as a consultant. His role has shifted between more UI focused work to plain backend work. He’s been in close cooperation with his clients, converting their real needs into practical software requirements. That’s how he’s learned to ask why if a requirement doesn't seem to make sense.

A bulk of Toni’s spare time is spent playing all kinds of computer games: story driven single player role playing games and trying to reach higher ranks in the Counter-Strike game. He’s also passionate about martial arts which he does every now and then. He loves learning uncommon but completely useless skills, like being able to cut a deck of cards 3-ways using just one hand.

We’re thrilled to have Toni onboard and are looking forward to knowing him better. You can reach him at toni@seaber.io.