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Presenting Joonas

Presenting Joonas

Joonas Korhonen - Senior Frontend Developer

Next up in our team news, we proudly present to you Joonas, our Senior Frontend Developer. He develops the Seaber user interfaces in close collaboration with our designer. He has been with Seaber since December 2019.

Joonas’s roots are in technology, but for the past five years, he has worked in the intersection of design and development with all kinds of organisations from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. His strengths lie in utilising both cutting edge technologies and design methods to solve business-critical problems and craft stellar user experiences.

When Joonas is not coding or playing with his kids he enjoys riding and fixing bicycles as well as spending time outdoors. He loves learning and trying out new stuff and has had countless of hobbies ranging from various sports to film photography and playing all kinds of musical instruments. You can also often find him binge-reading Wikipedia late at night.

We welcome Joonas to our growing team and are excited to work with him! You can contact him by email at: joonas@seaber.io