Seaber for shipowners and cargo owners

Shipowners use Seaber for maximizing fleet TCE by optimizing pre-fixture and scheduling functions.

Cargo owners optimize their schedules for TC, CoA and spot contracts to achieve minimum cost per tonmile.

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Seaber system overview

Key features

AI assisted planning of fleet schedule

Manual planning of cargo orders onto vessels

  • Timeline view of the whole fleet

  • Drag and drop creation and modification of voyages  

  • Multi-port and multi-order voyages

Algorithm assisted optimization of schedule and fleet TCE as you plan

  • TCE based comparison of options

  • Best vessel fit for a cargo

  • Best cargo combination for a vessel

  • Highest yielding voyage by matching open orders with vessel positions

Creation and KPI based comparison of scenarios

Integrations to get master data, cargo orders and positions directly from Voyage Management Systems

Relet of cargo to other ship owners

Real-time cooperation between chartering, planning and operations

One click handover from planning to operations and other stakeholders

Operational updates and schedule conflicts immediately visible to planning and chartering

Temporary reservation of voyages under negotiation by chartering

Real-time projected area balance for chartering to view and identify best future fixtures

API available for automatic updating from shipping ERP systems 

Accurate time and cost estimates

Point to point port distances

Dynamic vessel speeds and bunker consumption

Port call duration and cost estimations based on historical or third party data

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Reporting and analytics

Measure profitability by account, port, area, assortment type...

Export of data to spreadsheets or data analytics tools for further analysis


Maximized asset utilization

Leading to reduced ballast voyages and unnecessary speeding while finding the best opportunities and increasing profits.

Streamlined stakeholder communication

Providing a view to all parties, Seaber keeps everything in the same place and allows people to work together more efficiently resulting in fewer interruptions and reduced time spent in port.

Improved internal communication

Seaber enables the chartering, planning and operations departments to collaborate and do their parts of the puzzle seamlessly, keeping everyone updated and avoiding silos.

Unlocking the full potential of your team

Seaber liberates your employees from slow, inefficient tools, enabling them to focus their energy and expertise where it makes a real difference.

Proven leading-edge technology

We’ve built a future-proof and easily integratable web-based SaaS solution that automatically improves your prediction models and generates alternative schedule scenarios using cutting edge optimisation algorithms.

Intuitive user experience

Seaber is an intuitive and robust system that is focused on the user experience and designed for shipping’s needs, today and tomorrow.

Single input & API integrations

Avoid entering the same data into several systems by several users and prevent manual input errors. For easy data flow simply connect your existing system via Seaber API.

Independent & secure

Free from commercial compromise, we give you the reassurance that your business advantage and data is secure with Seaber via role-based access and various ways of authorisation for your users.

Partners, not suppliers

We are a listening organization that works with you as partners.

Mix and match features

Select a feature set to meet your company's processes and individual needs. You can use Seaber for any or all steps in the process.

Sandbox or network

You can choose to use Seaber entirely in isolation or invite other partners, suppliers and stakeholders to use it to accommodate your process needs.

Data-based decisions

Expand your planning horizon and base your future plans for COA or spot cargos, capacity needs or routes on actual data.

Minimize your environmental impact

By reducing ballast distances and waiting time in ports our shipowner planning solution can help you significantly reduce your carbon, sulphur and particle emissions.