Developed for dry and liquid bulk

Minimise shipping costs with Seaber

How Seaber adds value to schedule planning

  • Our customers are proven to save 3-5% of their costs with Seaber optimisation
  • Change your operations from reactive to proactive
  • Improve your process & communication with transparency & holistic view
  • Optimise with data and let your historical data improve and extend your planning horizon
  • Increase your planning team efficiency with over +50%

Planning is complex

Shipment information is fragmented and complex processes with different departments, stakeholders and multiple excel sheets is hard to handle manually
  • Planning & communication is difficult and time-consuming leading to higher costs and inefficiencies
  • Long communication chains via multiple channels decrease work efficiency and leaves potentially useful data in silos 
  • Reporting is challenging & information is scattered. No easy access to data for reporting, development or strategy

Replace Excels with one tool

Focus on shipment demand by transparent cargo planning
Schedule cargo to contracts:
  • Monthly & annual planning
  • Visual holistic view
Benefit from automation:
  • Schedule updates, noon reports, AIS data, agents, just-in-time arrival, port systems, statements of facts, notice of readiness, bill of lading
Share plans with stakeholders:
  • Inform internal & external stakeholders in real-time
  • Vessel nomination process for shipowners
  • Build partnership/ cooperation with shipowners
Get all the needed reporting:
  • Freight financials, quantity of goods, port pairs, bunker per distance etc.
  • Monitor, analyse & improve operations based on historical data
  • Cumulative reporting (eg. monthly goal vs. actual)