Senior front-end focused / full-stack software development team lead to help reduce CO2 emissions by millions of tons

15 June 2020

At Seaber we are committed to driving the digital transformation of the bulk shipping industry. Seaber helps optimise commercial operations via a unique planning, communication and reporting platform. Our unique software platform connects and enables all stakeholders in bulk shipping, such as charterers, ship owners, port agents, and brokers to streamline processes, optimize operations, and increase profitability. 

Join our maritime software company, where we are paving the way to digitally transform bulk shipping. Our team is both laid-back and committed, led by people with versatile tech and maritime backgrounds and we are based in several locations in Finland. As we are growing, we are looking for a skilled & enthusiastic:

Senior front-end focused / full-stack software development team lead

To work remotely anywhere in Finland

This is an interesting time to join Seaber. Our one-of-a-kind software will help drive the much-needed change in the shipping industry, easing the every-day life of people working in bulk shipping, significantly reducing pollution and the carbon footprint.

About the position

Seaber is seeking a senior / lead level developer with React and GraphQL experience, to scale up development as our client base grows. In this position, you are contributing to shaping the future of the shipping industry and consequently the world.


  • Web front-end for desktop and mobile (native mobile version planned)
  • Next.js, React, React Native for Web (react-native-web)
  • Hosted on Vercel (ZEIT Now)


  • GraphQL over HTTPS / QUIC, WebSocket for real-time features


  • Node.js, PostGraphile
  • PostgreSQL, functions using SQL and PL/pgSQL, Pub/Sub using NOTIFY / LISTEN
  • Docker, Amazon ECR, ECS, EC2, RDS, S3


  • GitHub, YouTrack, Sentry, JetBrains, Webflow, GSuite, Slack 

This position is for you if you…

  • enjoy designing, building, and optimising complex systems, to make them meet the users’ needs, evolving their operations to levels exceeding their assumptions.
  • are service-minded and enjoy creating tools for internal and external users of business-critical systems, impacting the largest segment of logistics (by mass).
  • have significant experience in several of the technologies we are using (especially if you have a strong foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP and other fundamental browser APIs / web standards), but you don’t need to be an expert in all of them. 
  • are eager to learn additional technologies as needed, and can make reasoned judgements when facing trade-offs of various possible solutions.
  • have a positive attitude and want to take initiative and responsibility in a fast-paced dynamic environment with first-principles thinking.

It’s considered a plus if you…

  • have experience in building: complex business logic UI/UX, high performance interactive visualisations using SVG / Canvas / WebGL / Web Workers / Wasm / Rust / C++, or mathematical optimisation / modeling / operations research tools.
  • have experience with various levels of automated testing and quality assurance e.g. unit, integration, e2e, property-based, correct by construction, mechanised reasoning and logic.
  • have a masters degree or higher in computer science / engineering, or similar mathematics / IT / software / design / development related field with comparable studies, or highly relevant field experience.
  • have experience with react-native / cross-platform app development
  • have contributed to / maintain some open-source software / open data / open license-related projects.

This role is based in Finland so you need to have an EU passport or already have a valid work permit that would allow you to work in Finland.

Interested in seeing the difference your skills can make? Please send your CV by email to and join us to empower the shipping revolution!