One platform for all bulk & breakbulk shipping

With the Seaber platform you can manage your entire shipping process. We enable you to plan, optimise and operate even the most complex fleet and cargo flow scenarios.

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Digitizing your processes

Seaber is an ultra modern digital platform that can be integrated to any existing system. We offer artificial intelligence based optimization and analytics, that no other existing solution comes even near to.

In Seaber you can store, manage & plan all your
shipping contracts, cargo orders, fixtures, vessels, voyages, ports, assortments, documents, suppliers, costs, time estimations and other operational updates.

Key features

Booking and monitoring channel for your customers

Importing cargo orders (through UI or API)

Planning multi-cargo, multi-port voyages

Optimising schedules and port rotation

Relet cargo to your partners

Real-time status of all orders, documents, voyages or vessels

Easy data input for port agents, stevedores or captains

Negotiating and fixing spot contracts

Mix and match features

Select a feature set to meet your company's processes and individual needs. You can use Seaber for any or all steps in the process.

Sandbox or hotlines

You can choose to use Seaber entirely in isolation or invite other partners, suppliers and stakeholders to use restricted version of it to accommodate your process needs.

Data-based decisions

Expand your planning horizon and base your future plans for COA or spot cargos, capacity needs or routes on actual data.

Minimize your environmental impact

By reducing ballast distances and waiting time in ports we can help you significantly reduce your carbon, sulphur and particle emissions.

Seaber platform scope

Finance & Insurance on demand

Seaber offers financing based on agreed contracts. Finance-on-demand allows invoices to be paid as soon as a freight contract has been fulfilled, reducing cash flow risk.  

Seaber insurance on demand provides the easy way to find the most appropriate insurance for both vessels and cargo with specific shipment needs.

Analyse risks, utilisation, efficiency and identify new opportunities for improvements using our analytics reporting and visualisation tools.

Access anywhere, anytime

Access the full Seaber platform easily on any connected device.

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