Developed for tankers and bulkers

Maximise your fleet TCE with Seaber

How Seaber adds value to your existing VMS

  • Maximise fleet utilisation with schedule planning and optimisation of TC fleet
  • Get the work done for you with automated suggestions for matching cargoes with contracts or vessels
  • View market insights, reporting & analysis with direct feed from commercial platforms
  • Change your operations from reactive to proactive
  • Improve your process & communication with transparent planning
  • Let your historical data improve and extend your planning horizon

Resulting in:

3-5 % cost savings and higher vessel fill rate utilisation
  • reduced ballast voyages
  • more cargo carried in the same time frame
  • smaller costs, less emissions
Improved total cost per ton-mile
  • preferring vessels with lower daily costs and bunker consumption for longer sea voyages
Better voyage / port rotation
  • less days at sea (bunker and daily costs)

Optimise fleet TCE and replace Excels with one tool

Focus on shipment demand by planning and optimising your fleet
  • Optimise shipment scenarios on the go
  • Compare scenarios such as laycan hit rate, costs, fleet TCE, emissions, your KPI’s, etc.
  • Solve multi-parcel & time challenges
  • Multi-port combinations
  • Predictive planning for port rotation
  • Benefit from Artificial Intelligence & automation
  • Apply optimisation algorithms to your planning to suggest alternative scenarios