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Welcome Susanna

Welcome Susanna

Susanna Hartikainen

Administrative Assistant

To support our growing team, we have found a perfect candidate to assist us with administrative tasks. Meet Susanna, a.k.a Susku, our efficient and friendly assistant. At Seaber she is in charge of a huge variety of different tasks ranging from HR and accounting to office management and events. She’s been with us since January 2022.

Susanna’s background is heavy on the assistant side, but before that, she was a practical nurse and a bartender. She has held assistant positions in several industries, including companies specializing in banking, SaaS management software, medical equipment manufacturing and retail office equipment.

During her free time, when she’s not playing with her two dogs Loki (corgi) and Atla (mini dachshund), she can be found at the gym doing heavy lifting or outside playing disc golf. She also enjoys spending time in nature and surprises people by baking excellent cocktail cakes.

A warm welcome to Susanna, great to have her on our team. You can reach her at susanna@seaber.io.