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This is Charles

This is Charles

Charles Leerink - Service Delivery Manager

Meet Charles, our newest addition to the team. He works for Seaber as Service Delivery Manager since December 2019.

He will be taking on the duties of running our customer support efforts, making sure our customers get what they need. Charles is in charge of all the aspects of customer related operations except for sales.

Charles has worked in various customer related positions for an American company that makes sound systems. He spent a few years at a Norwegian company in data management for the Oil and Gas industry as Technical Account Manager & Service Delivery. Before joining Seaber he worked at a Finnish IoT startup setting up and running customer support.

He once bought an old Landrover, stripped it all down and built it up again to learn about car mechanics. He is currently renovating a 100yr old apartment in Tampere. He also likes to play rugby when he has the time.

We are thrilled to be working with Charles and welcome him to the team. You can reach him at charles@seaber.io.