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This is Antero

This is Antero

Antero Niemelä

Sales Manager

This is Antero, our sales manager who started at Seaber last December. He is responsible for sales and customers. In more detail this means he is helping customers to benefit from digitalisation to optimise their schedule planning in bulk shipping and solving challenges on how to add value to their core business.

He has over 12 years of experience in digitalisation and SaaS with Enterprises. He previously served as a CEO and founder in an HR start-up. Before joining Seaber, he worked with enterprise service management as well as identity and access management solutions.

Antero has a strong background in board sports from the 90's. A couple of years ago he returned to snowboarding and skateboarding. Currently he is looking forward to getting back to surfing after the long Covid travel ban. In the summer time he can be spotted in the (Finnish) baseball field and welcomes anyone to cheer for his team PuTra.

Sylvester lives in Antero’s house but he is not paying for rent or food. It’s ok though, because he’s been titled as Finland’s smartest cat!

We warmly welcome Antero to our growing team. You can read more about him on Linkedin and contact him at antero@seaber.io.