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Seaber receives the Design from Finland mark

Seaber receives the Design from Finland mark

Seaber proudly announces that as of 8 September 2023 we have been granted the right to use the DESIGN FROM FINLAND mark by The Association for Finnish Work.

The Design from Finland mark indicates the origin of unique Finnish design and emphasizes the importance of intangible work for Finland’s success and employment.

The mark can be received by companies in for example engineering, interior design, and software & service design.

The mark in a nutshell:

  1. The mark recognises that the product or service has been designed in Finland and that the company has invested in design. 
  1. For companies wanting to differentiate themselves as specialists in Finnish design, and when design has a significant impact on the success of the company’s products and services.
  1. The mark helps companies stand out from their competitors and sends a message to consumers about Finnish design excellence, in Finland and internationally.

Our design process

One of the main points the Design from Finland committee focused on was how the design process of our digital product has progressed. From the start we have had a brilliant UI/UX & software developer team in place who developed our software solution from scratch.

Seaber’s VP Product Arto Viitanen has been involved in the design process since day one.

Our product owner Arto Viitanen has had a long career in digital design, and our product development process has been strongly user-oriented.

The focus of the conceptualization has been rapid prototyping based on the process understanding created through the workshops held for the users. The users are given the opportunity to influence the functionality and information ergonomics at every stage of product development, however, in such a way that the whole process is a synthesis of the needs and wishes of different types of customers. The central question we have asked ourselves is how to make a hugely complex thing as simple as possible. And now based on the feedback we have received from users, we could say we have succeeded.

Complex product made simple for the users

Since our product is very complex and completely unique on the market, it was necessary to get user feedback during the entire process. Every feature of our product has been implemented in cooperation with users. Our test users have been people who have worked in sea transport, either from client companies or potential ones. 

An important part has been to find motivated people who have been interested in participating in the conceptualization and development of completely new tools. Since 2020 we have had several such companies involved. You can read some of our customers’ stories here: https://seaber.io/customers

The news about Seaber inclusion can be found here https://suomalainentyo.fi/uudet-myonnetyt-design-from-finland-merkit-32/ (in Finnish).

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