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Meet George

Meet George

George Waller 

Software Project Manager

This is George. He joined our team in June 2022 and works as a software project manager. He focuses on customer engagement and onboarding projects. Alongside this, he looks after process development, customer support and business development. As with most people in Seaber, he wears many hats. 

George is an experienced project and people manager, with over five years’ experience as a project manager in the Telecoms and IT industries. He spent six years in the Army Reserves in the UK as a logistics officer, where he worked alongside skilled, diverse and dedicated soldiers from all walks of life. Alongside his time in the Army, he worked on a mix of grassroots IT projects as a consultant and on national infrastructure projects, notably 4G and 5G rollouts and full fibre broadband rollout.

George describes himself as an outdoor enthusiast, naturalist and general nerd. He practices a range of sports with a particular passion for skiing, kayaking and cycling. He is also an enthusiastic DIY’er, plays the guitar and likes to cook. George has a clever cat who travels with him, walks on a lead like a dog, climbs trees and uses human toilets, no need for a litter box! 

We at Seaber gladly welcome George to our growing team and look forward to knowing him better. You can contact him at george@seaber.io and learn more about him on Linkedin.