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Introducing Samin

Introducing Samin

Samin Yousefnia 

Senior Software Developer

As the Seaber team grows by leaps and bounds, we are proud to introduce yet another team member: Meet Samin Yousefnia, our skilled senior software developer. He started in January 2022 and is in charge of developing both the frontend and backend of the Seaber software. He also masters DevOps-related tasks, helps improve ways of working, and simplifies the workflow.

During his career, Samin has had the chance to work both in the start-up scene and the corporate world. His experience includes being a freelancer, working in a small online shopping provider and a healthcare start-up as well as a large telecommunication company. 

Outside of work he spends lots of time with computer parts and electronics doing DIY projects such as building something small with RaspberryPi. Photography and videography are his passion. He’s also enthusiastic about cars and going for walks when time allows. He loves to learn about things and to read technology and science articles. He has a compulsory need to find out how things work: so he will for example take a coffee machine to pieces to inspect its inner workings. Dedication and precision we call it!

We are thrilled to welcome Samin to the team. You can reach him at samin@seaber.io and learn more about him on Linkedin.