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Introducing Sami

Introducing Sami

Sami Keinänen - Senior Full Stack Developer

The Seaber family is growing steadily to serve our clients better. Our product for optimized planning and efficient communications for shipowners and charterers in bulk shipping is ready to digitalize the market. Adding new features to our platform, our development team is working hard to deliver a usable and valuable product to our users. To achieve this the team has a new member since October 2019.

Sami Keinänen is a Senior Full Stack Developer with +5 years of experience in software development. His background is from the healthcare industry in an international environment, with a vast experience in server infrastructure, and is eager to solve customers’ challenges. He assures that the cloud-based Seaber Service is available in all possible conditions.

Sami is a passionate music lover, with a soft spot for a wide range of genres, and plays several instruments. He is also keen on developing all things electronic (he is an electrician), and has, for example, configured his remote doorbell indicator to play “You Suffer” - a song by the death metal band Napalm Death.

Sami can be contacted via email at sami@seaber.io We warmly welcome Sami to the team and are already impressed by his accomplishments.