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Improve fleet efficiency, increase your TCE, and realize 3-5% in annual savings

Improve fleet efficiency, increase your TCE, and realize 3-5% in annual savings

Save time and increase profit with Seaber, an advanced fleet scheduling and optimization software 

Voyage optimization technology has been around for decades on the operational side of shipping. However, optimization on the chartering side has been fragmented in its approach, due to inefficient processes. It is plagued by spreadsheets, paper and legacy tools, scattered scheduling teams and siloed communications. 

In today's blog post, we will share our approach on how to improve the bottom line for both shipowners and cargo owners alike — a strategy that can unlock vast savings, increase profitability, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

How does Seaber help your chartering teams maximize productivity? 

The best ways are to optimize the schedule for all contracted cargoes and then to identify and contract the most attractive market/spot cargoes for your fleet.

In Seaber, shipowners and cargo owners can use our software to;

  1. Surface complex shipping options that leverage siloed data in an integrated workflow, and provide drag-and-drop tools for managing it
  2. Give users an easy way to try model out ideas and compare these scenarios
  3. Use advanced shipping algorithms to help them make decisions based on capacity utilization and data
  4. Do all the above taking restrictions into account.

As the maritime industry continues to face diverse challenges, from volatile fuel prices to evolving regulations and increased competition, the need for cost-effective measures has never been more pressing. The five points below provide valuable insights into how integrating Seaber into your operations can pave the way for substantial financial gains, creating a win-win scenario for stakeholders across the shipping spectrum and using real-time data to make informed business decisions.

How does Seaber do it?

1. Seaber’s integrated data model visualizes inefficiencies and violations in its user interface for:

  • ballast leg durations
  • vessel fill rate per leg
  • laycan violations 
  • waiting time
  • previous cargo compatibility

2. Seaber provides users with instant results and flexibility to see the impacts of their changes

Easy modification of the plan

  • Drag and drop of voyages or parcels
  • Easily try out swapping voyages or parcels between vessels
  • Immediately see the impact on the whole fleet profitability

Drill down to what’s important with filters

  • Time frame
  • Vessel/cargo types
  • Trade lanes or regions

3. Seaber’s scheduling suggestion algorithms optimize capacity utilization

  • What are the best next voyages for a vessel or a trade lane?
  • Where would this urgent cargo/parcel fit?
  • Can you fit any more cargoes/parcels onto any of your existing voyages?
  • Which market cargoes would complement your fleet schedule the best?
  • What voyage/cargo/parcel swaps between vessels could you make to improve the schedule?

4. Seaber reveals the most efficient scenario

Create multiple scenarios and compare their KPIs

Branch off a scenario from another one

Make a few modifications, see if the scenario KPIs improved

  • Total / Average TCE
  • Ballast %
  • Utilization rate
  • Cost per tonmile…
  • and lots more

Keep or discard

5. Seaber provides automatic check-up of restrictions for avoiding mistakes

  • Laycan restrictions
  • Tank or cargo hold capacities
  • Previous cargo compatibility
  • Vessel / cargo compatibility
  • Vessel / port draft

Room for further value growth

Automatic freight level estimation and competitiveness analysis

  • Get freight estimates 
  • Compare fleet positions to competitors’ AIS positions or open position emails

Bunker planning

  • Consider the upside of sending a vessel low on bunkers to a cheap bunkering region
  • Select your bunkering ports and get daily bunker prices planned into your scenarios
  • Automatically schedule bunkering port calls for good opportunities

Booking channel for charterers

  • Receive parcel bookings automatically to Seaber 
  • Parsed emails or directly in Seaber
  • Parceling of monthly COA volumes
  • Easy nomination process and previous cargo check

State-of-the-art intelligence built in heart of our technology

The Seaber prefixture optimization software is not conceptual but is firmly grounded in the cutting-edge realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. At the heart of our technology lies a robust software that employs these advanced techniques to analyze, adapt, and optimize with unprecedented precision and instant response.

Our commitment to providing tangible value goes hand in hand with the power of AI and ML. The Seaber software is designed to learn from the shifting landscape of maritime operations, continually evolving to meet the unique challenges shipowners and cargo owners face. Through the assimilation of vast datasets and the ability to correlate patterns, Seaber’s software reveals hidden efficiencies, predicts potential obstacles, and suggests multiple shipping scenarios, grounded in math with correlating P&Ls that will ultimately deliver the promised 3-5% savings.

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