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Feature Spotlight: Sustainable navigation with Seaber’s fleet scheduling solution

Feature Spotlight: Sustainable navigation with Seaber’s fleet scheduling solution

In the dynamic realm of bulk shipping, our cutting-edge fleet scheduling solution doesn't just optimize scheduling and chartering; it charts a course towards environmental responsibility, aligning seamlessly with the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Seaber’s solution has EU ETS estimation implemented in its intelligent drag-and-drop functionality which enables our users to compare multiple scenarios quickly and reveals the impact of EU ETS on fleet level.

The EU ETS is included in the Voyage P&L and aggregated into a fleet level to see the financial impact of the emissions, based on the estimated bunkers and port calls made during the voyage. This will aid shipowners and cargo owners in getting prepared for the reported emissions and allowance level. Here are some key features included in our EU ETS calculation:

  1. Precision in predictions: estimated bunker consumptions
  • Harness the power of digital twin modeling to accurately predict bunker consumptions for each vessel on each voyage in your fleet.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and lay the groundwork for EU ETS compliance.
  1. Market-aligned pricing: daily carbon credit prices
  • Integrate daily carbon credit prices into your voyage planning.
  • Reflect the true environmental cost of each voyage, promoting conscious decision-making.
  1. Holistic profitability insights: voyage P&L and fleet scenario comparisons
  • Seamlessly factor in estimated bunker consumptions and daily carbon credit prices into voyage P&L calculations.
  • Make informed decisions with entire fleet scenario profitability comparisons.

In addition to increasing profitability, our fleet scheduling solution is helping shipping companies and cargo owners navigate a sustainable future. By marrying precise data analysis with EU ETS compliance, we empower your business to sail towards a cleaner, greener, and more profitable horizon. Embark on a journey where profitability meets purpose with our environmentally conscious fleet scheduling solution.

Are you ready for EU ETS? It’s just around the corner. Contact us for more information!

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