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September 15, 2021

8 ways to reduce ballast voyage percentage of your fleet

According to an ICCT (International Council of Clean Transportation) report, bulk carriers globally are sailing 56% of the time in ballast, with small or no payload. As cargo flows are never symmetric, there will always be a need for ballast voyages. Read more about what our VP of Products Arto Viitanen suggests how ballast distance reduction could be achieved by shipowners.
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Bulk & breakbulk shipping simplified

There are typically several departments and stakeholders involved in shipping processes. Currently this complexity is managed with emails, spreadsheets & legacy tools. Planning and managing relevant data in this environment is highly challenging, resulting in errors, expenses and low utilisation rates.

We offer a streamlined platform to digitise these processes, providing a data-based understanding of fleet utilisation and cargo flows. Our comprehensive feature set includes planning, optimization, communication, fixing, operational monitoring, reporting & performance analysis.

For charterers

Reduce costs through optimized planning, fixing and more transparent operational monitoring. Get the most out of your time-charter fleet, contract of affreightment and spot contracts. Streamline post-fixture communications between all stakeholders.

Our solution for charterers

For shipowners

Get a clear real-time fleet overview with forecasted area balances for an extended fleet planning horizon. Select the best matching market cargo, minimize ballast voyages and optimize fleet position. Streamline post-fixture communications between all stakeholders.

Our solution for shipowners

Seaber system overview

Seaber overview diagram

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